Nano Labs Addressing Basic Human Needs For Shelter

1 billion people without shelter in the 21st century. In 2011, public construction spending in the United States reached some 79 billion U.S. dollars which were spent on highway and street projects.

Our solution: Tecnosoil

  • What We Do

    Funny how creating materials at a tiny nanometer scale can hold such big promise for so many industrial sectors, not to mention savvy investors. In the process of designing and producing next-generation materials, Nano Labs is poised to help grow business in many industrial and consumer goods. categories.

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  • Working With Us

    Integration and cooperation are the operative words for our business approach. Though our foundation rests on world-class R&D, our expertise extends to immediate, real-world needs in manufacturing and marketing. We work in partnership with companies, organizations and governments to commercialize product solutions.

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  • Reasons To Invest

    Let's talk about another kind of economic stimulus plan . and a global one at that. Through cutting-edge nanotechnology, Nano Labs joins a burgeoning worldwide thrust that is even now affecting industries across many fronts. Can anyone say wealth creation, and economic growth?

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Uses & Manufacturing

Pol-Ec Tecnosoil Applications

  • Driveways
  • Lost cost housing
  • Walkways
  • Building foundations
  • Bicycle paths
  • Fence foundation posts
  • Above ground swimming pool foundations
  • Sidewalks and highways
  • Camp ground roads
  • Turn dirt roads into low cost cement roads for the farming, mining and forestry industries
Pol-Ec Tecnosoil Manufacturing Purposes
  • Construction bricks
  • Lightweight pavers, statues, and pots

Tecnosoil Applications

  • Wal-Mart Construction Site Mexico

    By replacing conventional used aggregates (crushed stone) with Pol-Ec Tecnosoil mixed with local beach sand the engineers surpassed the required soil load bearing capacity of the sub-base for the construction of the structural foundation, roads, parking lot, and sewage. Millions were saved in construction cost.

  • Manufactured Products

    The innovative , revolutionary, affordable, light-weight tecnosoil brick is a simple mixture. Pol-Ec tecnosoil and locally available soils molded and dried to abetment air replacing conventional expensive sand, lime, clay or concrete fired hardened brick. Making our product the only "do it yourself" brick available to everyone.